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Gabriella van Rij

The vision is a SAFER world. The method is KINDNESS. The vehicle is YOU!

GABRIELLA VAN RIJ [pronounced “Ray”] began her life as an orphan in Pakistan and without the determination and kindness of two strangers she would not have been adopted into her new family.

Today, Gabriella is the founder of the #DaretobeKind movement, a kindness expert, and a keynote speaker. With a brave and compassionate voice, she speaks at businesses, universities, corporate training events, school assemblies, community centers, places of worship, and on network shows. Her uplifting talks motivate, challenge, and provide the groundwork for lasting progress.

She is an acclaimed author of three books. With All My Might is her mesmerizing memoir of one of the first cross-cultural adoptions. I Can Find My Might is part self-help, part practical resource for students, parents, and educators. Gabriella’s personal experience creates a boots-on-the-ground approach to bullying and self-acceptance that is nothing short of magical. Watch Your Delivery is Gabriella’s third and latest book, based on one of her popular presentations of the same name.

“We as a society have dropped the ball on Human Kindness®,” says Gabriella. “Will you help me pick it up? One moment, one person, one kindness—is all it takes to help someone go from a negative space to a positive place. BE the difference.” Gabriella has been seen by millions on Dr. Phil, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. She also writes for the Huffington Post and the NY Daily News.

Causes and Organizations

Dare To Be Kind Movement

The #DaretobeKind movement was founded by Gabriella van Rij, public speaker, author, and kindness expert. Its overarching goal is to show how kindness can be used in practical ways to build safer communities and healthier relationships. Gabriella uses the following 3 methods to achieve its…

Gabriella van Rij

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