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Freda Durden

"Dont Allow Life to Become a Barrier in your WellBeing"

Channeling, Reiki, Alchemy Healing. What does it all mean?


813WellBeing L.L.C. is truly a company built from love. Defined as ‘an eclectic “swirl” of spirituality, life, and health. 813WellBeing L.L.C. serves to heal the outside from within.  Offering naturally formulated body creams, black soap body wash, bath milk, body butter, detox bath salt, linen spray, room spray, herbal supplements, natural teas, shea butter massage candles, shampoo, oil conditioner, crystal cage necklaces, incense, and many more natural products. The aromatherapy mix in each of these products is a custom selection of essential oils that contain therapeutic and metaphysical healing properties. 813WellBeing L.L.C. also offers a unique model of private home care services for elderly and disabled clients; that includes spiritual awareness, compassion, and wellness care. The shamanic healing aspect of 813WellBeing LLC. Offers a multitude of services including: Reiki Therapy, spiritual advisement, Tarot Card Readings, and channeling. The over standing is a creation of balance between spirit and physical self.

Life requires us All to be alchemist; learning which tools to apply within each new experience. These tools being our inner beings, experiences, and intellect; minus the trauma and fear. Ascension can come with many symptoms (mental, physical, spiritual) that may not feel "good" or comfortable. I equate this uneasiness to learning how to fly. Whether it be in a plane, or with our own wings, surfing through the new dimension of Being requires our ability to evolve and adjust to what is NOW. If we try to stop the plane with brakes (like in a car)... or feet (like on a bicycle/scooter) it is futile. As with anything NEW, it requires us to utilize all the tools and ideals that we have gathered to DEMONSTRATE in receiving our transition. Resistance is the result of a Spirit that is in transition without the agreement and alignment of the entire BEING. This process is in order to ascend into a state of continual forward progression. Transmutation is a constant state of evolution, it is the strength of flexibility within a vibrant body. The serenity of knowingness that comes from clear intuition.…

Freda Durden

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