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Frauke Moebius

Team up with your Muse

I'm a German who fell in love with the English language as teenager.

Then I fell in love with writing in the year 2000. That happened while I was suffering from carpal tunnel, which didn't stop me from typing when I had to get a story out.

I fell in love with EFT in 2006. I discovered this awesome methodology when trying to help a friend with his crying baby. A few steps later, I was in a class persuing a license to be a therapist and coach.

I founded my EFT practice late in 2009. Since then, I've been working with clients on a mulititude of issues, from bed-wetting, panic attacks to car accident trauma and self-confidence. I took additional classes in family constellation work.

In 2013 I rediscovered my joy in writing and started self-publishing my stories under a pen name (Hannah Steenbock). That passion made me learn everything I could about the publishing landscape and how it is shifting out from under writers and publishers alike.

I decided to merge my passions. Now I primarily help writers overcome blocks and fears while turning their passion into a business. Because writing can be profitable, especially within the new world of self-publishing.

Wishing you happy writing!

Frauke Moebius

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