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From manager of a large enterprise and years of leading multicultural teams in Asia to co-founder and director of mind & motion®, Frank’s career journey has been a remarkable one.

miamo® (mind & motion) focuses on wellness@work matters and offers respective workshops, coaching programs and retreats. As the mastermind behind miamo® wellness retreats Frank has moved to the other side of corporate life. He and his partner have developed programs that aim to improve health & wellbeing of people in today’s busy corporate environment. As result these people will better perform, communicate and develop.
Frank has extensive experience in leading and coaching multicultural teams and working in diverse cultural environments, both in management positions and as a business owner. His mission is to support the creation of better leaders for the sake of healthier organizations and people.
For over 25 years, Frank has held several management positions in a variety of fields including general management and executive positions. Thereof he spent over 10 years in overseas assignments (Egypt, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan).
Frank’s professional development includes studying at one of Europe’s leading business management schools, INSEAD (in Singapore), as well as studying Psychology and Workplace Psychology at AKAD (in Germany). In addition, Frank has honed his knowledge and communication skills through his study and graduation as certified professional counselor (AIPC) and NLP Trainer, at the University of Santa Cruz (USA).

For the last decade, Frank has been the co-owner and director of mind &motion® and has coached business owners, specialists, team leaders, shop managers, musicians and students.
Some of Frank’s achievements include:


As Asia Regional Director, located in Tokyo, Frank coached and directed a 10 year loss making business through to sustainable profits, over a 3 year period.

As Regional Sales & Marketing Manager Asia, he integrated an Asian/Australian division into a global group, developing cultural awareness and team power, resulting in continued growth and profitability for…

Frank Frikker

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