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    What’s everyone working on? I’m looking for females that would like to be featured on my Females Without Fear Featured Guest Segment for WBTVN. I’d love to do a meet up with DMV peeps as well. Gratitude wins!

    • I’m working on my new workshop here in LA for B.A.D.A.S.S. women and continuing supporting and growing WU! And you? 🙂
      Be sure to also post (if you haven’t yet) your FWF in https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/hub/co-creation-launchpad/ group and your meetup in the https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/hub/meetups/ group! LOVE YOU!

      • I’d be there if I wasn’t doing an art exhibit. I cannot wait to see the results from your work and participate in the online version. Rock it!

    • Working on building a therapeutic retreat and training center on the west coast of Mexico.
      LOL I really appreciate your FWF topic LOL. Folks that I map out the vision tend to say “oh wow – why do you dream so big?!” I can only say “why would you ever dream small”?

    • I became a Yoga teacher at age 54 after being a school teacher for 15 years. I am now working on becoming a Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Coach because of my own health issues. My life has been a journey of fearlessness– fighting autoimmune diseases since my 20s (IBS, Panic Attacks, Gastroparesis, IBS, symptoms of thyroid disorders, RA and Lupus all with lifestyle changes and championing environmental causes because so much of our health is tied to the health of planet. I am very comfortable on TV and am sharing a segment I did recently on Fort Myers TV concerning preventing cognitive decline with Lifestyle Changes http://www.winknews.com/2017/11/03/fitness-for-the-brain-preventing-cognitive-decline/ Thank you for offering this opportunity to allow me to reach more people with my message of anti-aging for all of us women over 50. I am about to turn 59. Namaste, Andrea

    • Hello Felicia,
      It would be a pleasure to support your vision.
      I dedicate my life to support men and women along their journey. I became fully independent with my own work at the age of 22 offering holistic healing and guidance. I did a 2 1/2 year-long round the world travel on my own as a woman, while dedicating my travels to support people, to learn from different cultures.. Since then the travels continue with positive intention. I founded the DHARMI® Method and worked actively supporting women with dance therapy and moon circles for 7 years in South, Central America and Europe.
      On my own, I opened holistic centers in different countries and languages entering with respect in different cultures.
      Also, I have supported women volunteering at a WomenShelter in Miami.
      For the fears in other aspects, I continue to surrender doing open water swimming, kitesurfing, dancing, ..
      Sometimes one profound fear we may experience as women is to channel our loving energy, the fear that hold us back from Love, from truly opening our Heart with sweetness and kindness.
      Let me know how I can best support you and the women in your community.
      With love and dedication,
      Christelle C.

    • I am strategically planning out 2018. Currently in the process of planning an Online Summit for mid-April. Anti-Aging: Secrets From The Masters. It will be for women who are interested in improving their health and vitality, primarily ages 40 – 65.

      I am looking for speakers as well as sponsors… if you are interested please reply privately. This will be a great way to share your knowledge, services, talents and products.