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Eva was born an intuitive and has spent 6 decades being a conduit of healing information which helps people mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. The universe presents the person. Eva provides the solution.

Eva has degrees in several Healing Arts: Neuro-linguistic Programming, Healing Touch, Reiki, a Doctorate in Ontology, and is a Minister. She also has extensive experience in management and a degree in Business Administration. All the paper she accumulated trying to find the words to explain what she knows to others in their language, but it all comes back to the beginning: it is a gift. A gift she has learned to lovingly share openly.

Eva has experienced a world where she is 100% confident that the information she receives is solely for the person who receives it to help them where they are at that moment. She has learned not to question or judge the content. She usually has no recollection of the messages. She is just great at sharing the collective data. She is a mere conduit.

Eva has seen and personally experienced miracles all her life. She was in a wheelchair for 7 years and told she had life-threatening diseases by “doctors” while knowing in her heart that they needed help in their perceptions, not she. As she happily runs around Enjoying the Abundance of Every Moment!

Eva Marie Caraballo

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