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Estelle Bonaceto

When Life Gets Tough, Put On Your Boxing Gloves


My intention is to provide a holistic approach to  energy healing and personal training, so that my clients will not only attain their wellness goals, but will also begin to joyfully bring forth their highest vision of living meaningfully. Focusing and specializing in energy healing and movement therapy, I provide individual Energy Healing Sessions and individual and group Empowerment sessions to individuals who are coping with PTSD, disempowered as a result of trauma, domestic violence or addiction. I am dedicated to guiding people toward their own unique healing path and to working with a larger audience to promote self acceptance, spiritual growth and social responsibility

Energy Healing 2011 : Guided Transitions Healing 
My approach to healing sessions is to create a space for authentic sharing and an openness around areas in need of healing; identifying faulty patterns of responding, soul lessons and physical manifestations of imbalances. The session includes the use of the Violet Flame and other spiritual practices for the purification and removal of karmic debris.

Box Your Way Fit.

Movement Therapy 2012,  ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Empowerment Coach

Boxing, like yoga and dance, help individuals to be present in their body and channel their energy through breath and focused movement.  Feeling one's inner energy helps to increase a person's feelings of personal power and allows for the release of stored emotion from the body. As the individual has more opportunities to feel reconnected to self, their awareness of their inner life is heightened. Gains in feelings of self control, personal power and self mastery have the added benefit of increasing feelings self worth and self esteem. This often translates into shifts in self awareness in a way that then empowers many to improve their communication styles and make important life changes.

Empowerment Coaching is done before and after focused movement or as part of energy healing/guidance sessions.

Wishing you peace and healing through all of your transitions. Blessings, Estelle

Estelle Bonaceto

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