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Emma Mallock

life Is meant to be an adventure of creation, Look for the beauty in it!

I always knew that there had to be an easy way for life to be,  a path that not many find because they  have been told that life is hard.  I knew society had it wrong, but how could I a child have this knowing when everyone else did not? Surely it must be me that is wrong......  so I spent my life trying to live to how society told me life was and guess what, I did not do so good at that, don’t get me wrong I had some great times, adventures, ups downs and roller coaster rides.  All of that happened because I believed that I had no control of what happened and I became a victim.  So fast forward to when I could no longer keep hitting myself against the resistance of life and all that it has been calling me, us to be! I had to go back to that childhood belief and find that easier way.  I’m finding it more and more these days and I can truly say life is wonderful! I can see the beauty in each and everyone of us, despite the fact that we get caught in a misunderstanding of how life really works.  I know without doubt that life can be easy, when I say that of course it is challenging requiring effort, but taking action and putting in work without the mental slavery is a game changer!

so I learnt:  reiki, house cleansing, crystal healing, chakra healing, life coaching, law of attraction coaching, guided meditation, hypnotherapy, hypnoabundance, 3 principals (which is something I’m still learning), but with intuition, creative questioning and a variety of tools I help people create amazing relationships, overcome drama, forgive and live an awesome life.  I also help them understand who they really are.  Have you ever noticed that the people who are being themselves are so much more relaxed, find life easier, they don’t have to fit into what they think society wants from them they have an understanding of who they are? That is one of my passions to point in the…

Emma Mallock

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