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       Else Byskov is an international authority on Martinus (1890-1981), the Danish philosopher, visionary and mystic.

     In 1995 Else became acquainted with the Martinus material, and she got so excited that she had to tell somebody about it, because here she found logical answers to all her questions about life, death and the mystery of both. To date she has written 6 books about aspects of Martinus´ world view: "Death Is an Illusion" (a general introduction to Martinus´ fantastic world picture), "The Art of Attraction" (about the law of attraction, including totally unknown aspects of the law), "The Undiscovered Country – A Non[EB1] [EB2] -religious Look at Life after Death" (presenting all the evidence for life after death), "The Beginning Is Near" (previously called "Ten Great Ways to Understand the World") (a short introduction to the Martinus material in 10 easy steps), “The Downfall of Marriage – The great transformation of our sexual and marital relations” (an explanation of the transformation of our sexual poles) and “Key life Lessons from Martinus, the Modern Mystic” (explaining how the Martinus material has influenced Else´s life).
      Today Else is fully convinced that there is no death: death is an illusion. All her books present the logical basis for this claim.
      Else was born in Denmark. She has university degrees in Spanish and English philology and she mostly writes in English. Four of her books have been published in Danish, one in German and one in Spanish.

      Else is also a passionate hiker and she has written 3 hiking books in Danish. She has lived in Andalucía (Southern Spain) since 1990. Andalucía is an Eldorado for hikers with huge areas of wild, untouched nature. One of her hiking books has been published in English with the title “On Foot in Andalucía”. It is an Amazon bestseller in its category.

Else Byskov

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