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I am delighted that you took a moment to read my information, because you are so important to me. After all, we are making this life journey together even if our paths have never crossed before, and if I can assist you in any way on your journey, that is my passion!

My mission is to empower individuals like yourself to become all you are meant to be. All of us have so many gifts and talents that we haven't tapped into, so one of my goals is to help people like you uncover more of your potential. You are a magnifcent creation, a true masterpiece, and I want you to grasp an understanding of your power so you can create the life you truly want and deserve. This is living an empowered life - what I want you to experience!

All of my work is always with the assistance of the angels - my team! It is the most fulfilling experience to watch the light appear in someone's eyes, whether in a coaching session, in an audience as I speak, when training someone, or in my angel readings or sessions. This is my passion - to empower others - and what fills up my life!

The angels are always my guides and support. I love sharing messages in readings or a combo reading/healing session, but the angels are always giving me messages as I coach clients or as I train someone. I've worked with children as young as 6 years old and adults as mature as 90. I am continually in awe that the angels with their love and light are forever by my side, not far away as some believe, and for the messages they give me that benefit the lives of my clients and friends.

For many years I suffered with many insecurities and worries, which included health concerns as well. I tried many ways to "fix" me, but it wasn't until I realized the power I was born with and connected with my spiritual self that my life began to change into an extraordinary life. What…

Dr. Carolyn Porter

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