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Dr. Robin B. Dilley

"may you awaken those parts of you that have fallen asleep, open the parts of you that are thirsty, and discover anew the magic of growing."

Dr. Robin B. Dilley is an Arizona licensed psychologist in private practice. She received her doctoral degree from Union Institute in 1992. Prior to 1992 she was a practicing clinician with a Master’s degree from Antioch University. She has studied the literature on Shame extensively and believes that often it is the “trance of shame” that keeps the client powerless to make his/her life different.

She is also the author of three cancer books, In a Moment’s Notice: A Psychologist’s Journey With Breast Cancer,  Breast Cancer:  A-Z Mindful Practices,  ABC Cancer Workbook:Healing One Letter at A Time. Writing Your Way To Healing and Wholeness is also a journal writing book to help you explore ways to heal from your family of origin and create a future you want be changing your family scripts.

Dr. Dilley’s Passion focuses on the Labyrinth, which calls a an Ancient Symbol for Modern Times. She offers many workshops where the labyrinth is the center piece of various self-growth workshops. She is a story-teller and uses many stories from the Wizard of Oz, The Miller’s Daughter, The Life of Pi and various folktales and other myths to awaken the inner-self and feed your soul.

Dr. Dilley uses an eclectic approach to psychotherapy. She believes that each session and each client have unique differences, and that the key to psychotherapy success is in the psychotherapy relationship. If the therapist can establish a trusting relationship with the client and use trained intuition in conjunction with professional resources, then the client is enabled to achieve the personal growth he/she is searching for. The healing relationship between therapist and client consists of appropriate diagnosis, individualized treatment, preventative measures for the future; and most of all, hope that life can be different from the past.Psychotherapy for personal growth is not about treating the diagnosis but about treating the whole individual, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You are not your depression nor your anxiety. You are a person who currently is seeking relief from patterns that seems beyond your control. In psychotherapy, we look at those patterns and the system that created those…

Awards and Affiliations

Advanced Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator 

Arizona Regional Representative for The Labyrinth Society

Member of American Psychological Association 


Dr. Robin B. Dilley

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