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Dr.Elena Puntaroli

Shine your Light, let your inspiration guide you towards happiness and fulfilment

I am an inspirational author and speaker, Light Shiner and change catalyst, co-founder with my husband Lorenzo Sbrinci of Cascate di Luce -Cascades of Light- a leading-edge educational center that teaches joy by remembering the most important relationship of all: the one with your Inner Being or Soul.

We have designed Shine your Light, a crystalline and innovative vision on emotions and way of thinking, relationships, education and purpose of life: a wonderful tool to discover yourself and your infinite possibilities.
Shine your Light helps you dealing with doubt and lack consciousness that can prevent you from being and doing what your heart truly desires.
It helps you recognize the role of fear - which can support your desires, instead of hindering them - and other emotions in the light of the Law of Attraction, to give voice to who you really are and finally soar.

We are experiencing a time of great change that is not always easy to navigate because we are called to let go of what is no longer needed in order to open up to the new - our true magnificent essence and Soul Power - to live a pure happiness that flows when we live in alignment with our spiritual evolution.
To support you in this we have created the video series "Shine your Light" that you receive by registering for free to the newsletter here:

Here are a few of our signature programs: “Attract your Soul Mate: discover your energetic style to living the love of your dreams”, “Shining together, your soul’s quest for love, intimacy, and connection” and “Shine your Light, let your inspiration guide you towards happiness and fulfillment”,

Awards and Affiliations

Elena and Lorenzo have published:“The spiral of emotions, expand and joyously color your life” and “The Age of Light, living infinite possibilities in the age of joy”(Anima Edizioni, Milan), the children book “The arrival of Palloncino” (Mikazuki Publishing, L.A.), “Education of Light, a creative vision for a school based on…

Dr.Elena Puntaroli

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