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Douglas is a personal life coach working on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. His process is based on the centuries old understanding that all things we experience as humans are within and composed of God, the infinite Divine essence of Love and Light.
Secondly Douglas believes any significant and viable change in our lives is purely determined and activated by the heart of the seeker to advance in his ultimate purpose. Understanding this statement in its simplest and most intimate way is the path to spiritual bliss. A coach, teacher, or healer is only a facilitator and conduit of the energy (spirit) of God.
Douglas’ position is simple, “My credentials are adequate but being an ordained minister is not a certification in bringing about any spiritual change in an individual. Any person who has intimately and continually experienced that which Jesus calls the Kingdom of God, can assist another who is intent on that same experience. One who has not found this place of peace, joy, love, and power, can only speak of it in learned abstract religious terms. Spiritual change and healing is far more than doctrines and dogmas, or ego manipulated decisions. It is a vibrant gift of grace accepted and incorporated by its receiver.
“My quest for spiritual awakening took me seventy years! However, spiritual awakening only takes an instant to achieve. The simple secret is in overcoming the blockages that have been loaded into our minds throughout our lifetime. Jesus said the way to the kingdom is narrow and there are few that find it, while the way to destruction, or an ego driven life in this world, is broad with many living it every day. The choice is a divine way of life or the world’s way of life. It is that simple. God is pure unrestricted love.
“I have found a freedom that anyone can experience right where they are simply by connecting with their own inner source of the Divine.
“It would be an extreme honor to guide you to…

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Douglas is a Reiki Master/Teacher, an ordained Christian minister, teacher, speaker, and author. His primary modality is Reiki and Shamanic Reiki. His extensive training in education, religion, spirituality, energy healing, and counseling combined with six decades of research and practical experience allow him to work with people of many different…

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International Association of Reiki Professionals
Epiphysis - Holistic Healing & Educational Center

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