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    Take Your Power Back and Shine Your Light
    Donna Burgher and Lisa Meisels

    Do you think in terms of the glass being half empty or half full? We all know this analogy, those who think it’s half-empty are negative and those who think it is half full are positive.

    Our world’s current conditions are going to highlight how you see what’s going on, a.k.a., the preverbal glass.

    It is not that positive people ignore what is going on by burying their heads in the sand. It is that those who have been on a spiritual journey know-how mass consciousness affects the whole.

    You have the ability to release fear, doubt, and stress from your mind and energy field. You do not need to believe everything you hear and everything you think. You can choose your thoughts. You can take your power back.

    Humor is a great way to raise your vibration. There are two memes on social media that made us laugh. One had a picture of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and someone drew at the bottom of the pyramid another line and wrote in the words, toilet paper. The other one stated, it is 2020, we should be talking about flying cars not telling people how to wash their hands.

    Our reality is shifting. Right now we are faced with this ‘virus’ and the media as they choose to report it. This virus can bring on fear and mass hysteria. However, it is important to realize the positive side of what it’s causing. The chaos is bringing us together as one world. This is consciousness-expanding and the beginning of the shift we have been asking for.

    Being smart and using common sense is important all-the-time. And, it is times like these that heighten our awareness. Now when you touch the ATM keypad you will be aware of the millions of other fingers, some clean, some not, who have touched those same buttons. Now, perhaps you will use a ‘safe’ hand sanitizer or wash your hands, and, that’s a good thing.

    So what are we to do?

    We’ll start by saying what you should not do, and that is to not let fear run your life. Like we stated above, you get to choose your thoughts. If you think negative fearful thoughts, your body will react which affects your immune system. You will be compromised by all that stress, even if you are healthy. Become aware of your thoughts so you do not unconsciously weaken your body.

    You may wonder, what do you do instead? What we suggest is to focus on the good. You can choose to look for the positive in every changing situation. Most human beings do not like change. If that is you, this is your opportunity to embrace change. The one thing we can all count on is change.

    We are positive and optimistic by nature. And, because we have been on the ascension path, we’ve discovered that we all have this innate ability to choose to be positive and optimistic because we are BEings of Love & Light. We do not stick our heads in the sand, and we are extremely aware that we have the power to choose our thoughts.

    In fact, we know that everything is energy. Our thoughts and beliefs have an energetic resonance to them. How we think and the choices we make throughout the day affects how other people perceive us. They perceive the energy we put out into the world. This is true for everyone, including you.

    Many people want to feel better, and have a more positive outlook on life but struggle with HOW to do that.

    If you are a conscious, heart-centered entrepreneur, coach, and world-changer than you are the ones that your clients will turn to right now amongst the change and chaos we face in the world. You have amazing tools to share with your clients. You have been called to help and serve others.

    We are doing the same. We have a free resource that is titled, Magnetize Your Dream Clients.

    This quiz is a self-awareness and self-empowering tool that helps you determine how your thoughts are affecting your energy, and what to do. The 14 positive qualities that are in this quiz will help you to discover if your vibration has been repelling or attracting clients and prosperity.

    The beauty of this quiz and tool is that it will help you raise your vibration. You’ll not only feel better and become more optimistic about life, but people will also perceive you in a more positive light. A high-vibe and a positive attitude will serve you throughout your life and your energy will become magnetic.

    There is a saying, “This too shall pass.” We know that this virus and the fear it’s producing will pass. And, when you look back because hindsight is always 20/20, you will be proud that you took your power back and persevered, in-spite-of…

    There was a movie many years ago about the world coming to an end. They showed the effects on two groups of people. One group was worried and living their last moments of life in fear. The other group of people were partying, dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves…which group would you rather be part of?

    NOTE: The world is not ending, that just paints a visual for you. You get to decide if you are going to be happy or not.

    If you desire to live a high-vibe life then we are inviting you to join us! You can grab your free quiz here! http://bit.ly/magnetizeclientsquiz

    Take Your Power Back and Enjoy Your Life, in spite of…

    Donna & Lisa

    P.S. By the way, the glass analogy is well known, but what if we told you that it is just a glass with liquid in it and there is no other meaning other than the one you choose.

    P.P.S. As a light-worker, it is your job to contribute your light to off-set the dark. That is why you are here! SHINE YOUR LIGHT! That is what the world needs right now. 1 FB meme for free quiz

    Take Your Power Back and Shine Your Light Donna Burgher and Lisa Meisels Do you think in terms of th