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    We are so excited to be closing the gap!

    Yesterday was our first LIVE, virtual Conscious Community Circle networking meeting where we met face-to-face, and the feedback has been incredible!

    Members are already getting such value from sharing their message, observing where they need further clarity, connecting with other people in the group to help them in specific areas and more!

    And, we want YOU to be able to experience this too!

    So for a limited time, we’ve extended the $97 annual membership special for our Conscious Community Circle.

    We are already getting requests to add more times. Let’s see how this unfolds. 🙂 We also have requests for more heart-centered men to join the circle.

    If you missed this – we invite you to check it out. This is a virtual networking group that you can join at any time. 🙂 Your year begins with your first month.

    So let me ask you,

    Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur looking for like-minded people to network with, collaborate with, and become friends and accountability buddies with?

    Have you noticed the gap?

    We have seen a huge gap in the heart-centered entrepreneur community, we don’t have a place where we can go LIVE and network online being in the energy of “face-to-face” so we could build real relationships.

    That’s why we’ve created the Conscious Community Circle (CCC) which is a virtual, Live networking group to encourage relationship building, collaborations, and referrals by showing up and sharing your message, services, and so much more!

    We are super excited about this!

    Also, members of our CCC will have first dibs on being a guest speaker on our new LIVE show, The Impact & Prosperity Show where we have a reach of over 1 million, so you’re going to get massive visibility!

    So, if you’re tired of running to networking meetings only to find out that no one gets you, we’ve got your back! That’s exactly why we’ve created the Virtual Conscious Community Circle Membership where you can get maximum results with minimal time commitment!

    We invite you to check out The Conscious Community Circle

    If this is something that resonates with you, we didn’t want you to miss out on the extended early-bird special of $97 for the whole year! And, there’s even a monthly payment option too. You can click on the “Join Here” link and read about it, and if it is a good fit, we’d LOVE to have you!

    Join Here! http://bit.ly/cccirclemembership

    Gain momentum in your business by building relationships, visibility and sharing your message with YOUR tribe!

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    We are so excited to be closing the gap! Yesterday was our first LIVE, virtual Conscious Community C