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Artist, healer, visionary and a spiritual counselor, Dina weaves the energy of the Sacred Feminine with deep intuition and insight. Dina shares her gifts to assist with spiritual growth and evolution of consciousness for women. She believes that women are the answer for our time of great change and awakening.
Dina is a Reiki Master with a Master degree in dance and education, certified teacher in yoga, Feldenkrais Method and Rosen Method bodywork. Her therapeutic bodywork includes Integrative yoga therapy, mindfulness meditation and Shamanic journeys.
After many years of working with women in private practice, weekly classes and as a leader in Sacred Circles and workshops Dina developed her signature work in “The Path of the Priestess” A vision quest to dream the Sacred Feminine, A journey of healing transformation and the return to love, the Heroin Journey, she who creates a dream worth living.
The Path is for women who are ready to embody the Sacred Feminine and become change agents for the evolution of consciousness.

Dina is available to the serious students who are longing to know the Divine Feminine and to pursue the Feminine Wisdom Path. Visit her website at and her blog at:

Dina Kushnir

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