Hi, I’m Diana! 

I work with women from all over the world to forge paths that let their essence, courage, truth and knowing–their inner drop— power their lives—uniting their mind, body, and soul so that the Warrior Goddess within thrives.
I use the magical synergy of Reiki & Spiritual Coaching to guide you to take LEAPS in your life and your biz.

It’s not JUST reiki

which clears energetic blockages, balances and strengthens your energy system.  The deep energetic work opens you up to new possibilities.

It’s not JUST spiritual coaching

which walks you through obstacles and challenges and creates practices and plans so you have a foundation.  Feel safe and supported as you go for your big dreams for your luscious life.

Break the doomed cycles of work and life that are keeping you stuck, stressed, and disillusioned.

It IS the magical synergy of all of my tools that guide you to MASTER your best asset- YOU!  Support for your healing, your discovery, your challenges, your next or new thing and vaporize your past hurts... it’s time for you to be a warrior goddess.
Are you interested in working with me?  Here’s how to start?  Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 30 minute Soul Alignment Session.  You can do that right here.

In this session, which is totally free, we'll look at where you're at, what's not working, where you get stuck.  And I'll offer some suggestions and inspiration for you to get going in creating a luscious life. 

I'll use your birth date to give you a personal overview of your life and your current year.  I use the teaching cards of the Tarot deck to illustrate the energy of your year so you can optimize your efforts and really gain understanding to work with them.  You'll see how you personally view life and the optimum projects to go for in your year ahead.  It's an awesome map for the year.  You'll know where to put your energy and where to hold back.

It's valued at $75.  I offer it to you at NO cost, so that you can get clear and inspired to start achieving the goals you've always dreamed of AND ask questions and get to know me more.  Cool, huh?  That is your big first step.  Do it.  I'd love to meet you.


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