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Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch, PhD, LAc, is a Qigong Master, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, herbologist, and licensed acupuncturist. He is a highly-regarded specialist in the field of holistic healing.

Dr. Singh is best known for his unique approach to mind-body treatments – a synergistic blend of Eastern and Western healing modalities that go beyond the treatment of surface symptoms to incorporate all aspects of a patient’s fundamental well-being. Adhering to the principle that no two patients are alike, Dr. Singh calls upon his extensive background in a multitude of healing disciplines to embrace an approach that addresses the root cause of disease while respecting the individuality and integrity of each patient.

 Currently practicing privately in Southern California, Dr. Singh continues to see patients and uses a holistic approach to health and well-being, addressing each patient’s individual needs, with an emphasis on both physical and spiritual healing that assures long-term relief.

Dharam Singh

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