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Dennel B Tyon

Here to Plant a Seed of Doubt... Find the Middle-ground!

In this 52nd year of my life, I reflect upon decades past, and realize how much I have learned... holding on to what I always knew to be true - that there is MUCH MORE to 'life' than what we see here, much more to US than these physical bodies we currently reside in.  Now, halfway through my doctoral program (Pastoral Community Counseling), I've come to realize the beliefs I've always held are not all that uncommon.  Although I disagree with many RELIGIONS, I always had a close and very personal relationship with God.  He talks to me (occasionally) and I talk to him constantly; when I was six years old, He told me not to believe everything I heard... to "take it with a grain of salt" (a metaphor I had never heard before, which I had to ask my mother to translate).  Once I learned the meaning, I took it to heart, and these words became a part of me.  Being a life-long social phobic, I have always been a bit skeptical (of other people) and what motivates them; I've been a "people-watcher" my whole life and always wondered what made them 'tick' and what secrets they held.  This is why I ended up studying Psychology; the life I have lived, and the fact that God has remained a significant part of it, are the reasons I became ordained and have been compelled to pursue my education.  It is my desire to build a 'sanctuary' one day, for people AND animals alike; a place for the lost, abandoned or abused (a place where they can heal and become physically, mentally and spiritually stronger).  Within this sanctuary, in addition to emergency shelter, there will be a Spiritual Wellness and Mental Health Fitness Center, with equipment and training for mind, body and spirit.  Around the sanctuary, will be a growing community, built by residents of the sanctuary as the years go by, eventually including a low-cost laundromat, playground/park, petting zoo, plant nursery, feed store, farm and community garden.  This is my vision; I've seen it in my "dreams."  In the…

Awards and Affiliations

Dean's List, Master's Program; Spring Semester, 2013

United States Humane Society; member since 2004

CREATESPACE Self-Publishing

Causes and Organizations

Owner/operator and caretaker; Kuddley Kritters Animal Rescue (Google+ Page) (Facebook Page)

MIDDLE-GROUND MINISTRIES and Publishing Imprint (Google+ Page) (YouTube Channel)

Part 1, A Letter to Heaven 'The Loss', and first children's book, This is the Way I Brush My Teeth, now available on Amazon

Dennel B Tyon

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