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Denise Povernick

The CEO's Secret Weapon

Denise B. Povernick works with high-achieving, passionate women CEOs and C-level executives who are ready to create results beyond strategy. She is often referred to by her clients as “The CEO’s Secret Weapon.”
From the age of 3, Denise was made aware of her unique abilities as an energetic master and healer through her grandmother. She continued to use her gifts personally and professionally throughout her life and began to dive into the study of what she innately knew in her early 20’s transforming her gifts into a results-driven art form.

Denise’s experience goes well beyond her energetic abilities. She is a trained investigator and interrogator in the Reid Technique, as well as a renowned profiler and interrogation closer. Denise is also a 9th Degree Reiki Grand Master – a tittle exclusively held by less than the top 1% of Reiki practitioners and only 40 in the entire world.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Denise parlayed her passion for well-being into a thriving international “energy-driven” personal training and nutrition company that is co-owned and run by her partner, Curvin Desmoulin.
Today, Denise works exclusively with elite clientele by referral only. Using The Infinity Solution ™ to create multi-point alignment, Denise works with these high performers as an energetic creationist to help them learn how to master their personal energy so that they can create far better results faster, with significantly less effort, and become invincible in their industries and their lives.

Denise is an international speaker and has shared the stage with influencers ranging from best-selling author John Gray to NY Yankee James Leyritz. Her book, The Invincible CEO, and Podcast by the same name are set to debut in 2020.

Client Results:

“I experienced results working with Denise immediately. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what she did at first, but after one session with her, I very quickly realized that she needed to be a core part of my business strategy. After just a few months, my business revenue has leaped (and her highest-level investment paid off), perfect team members and clients for the up-leveling show-up and I feel more…

Awards and Affiliations

Creator of the:

  1. The Infinity Solution™
  2. The Invincible CEO™
  3. The Edge Private Consulting"

9th Degree Usui Reiki Grand Master

Karuna Reiki Master

NLP Practitioner Certificate

Trained Interrogator, The Reid Technique

Certified Master Personal Trainer

Certified Sports Nutritionist

WU Influencer

One Ripple Team Member

Causes and Organizations

Holistic Natural Childbirth

Holistic Healing


Denise Povernick

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