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Hi!  Welcome! My name is Denise Povernick and I'm here to help you tap into and unleash your infinite power and innate abilities that are dormant within you.  You came here into this life with everything thing you need already present within you.

I am a well-known, highly sought after Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Master Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist.  I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University Magna Cum laude with Distinction in my major.  I spent many years as an Investigator and Interrogator which allowed me to become an expert in understanding the Sub-Conscious Mind.  I am a Profiler.

I am a mom of 5 amazing children (4 daughters and 1 son).  Two of my children have followed me in being aware of their connection and abilities.  All 5 have learned to honor their infinity in their chosen skills and abilities that bring them joy excelling in all they allow to fill their NOW.

My Life Purpose is not something I do but WHO I AM.  My mission and passion are to help other’s make better choices in all areas of their lives MIND – BODY – SPIRIT.   I introduce people to themselves for the very first time by bringing awareness to the present moment.  I am fortunate that in all that I do, people always present their best selves to me when we interact together.  Awareness brings forth presence.

In this beautiful NOW moment you are eternally reborn over and over with all that you share the Now moment with.  I consider that an honor to be a part of your journey.  I remind others how one must first "CREATE SPACE" before thought or intellect is activated.  A life where THOUGHT dominates is a frustrating life (which is the active paradigm of this reality aka "Thoughts Become Things.)"  Thoughts will never become things unless you first create the space.  This is why most Law of Attraction material does not work.  This is NOT a Mental Universe.  Once you tap into the true meaning of this, as you did when you were a child, it will come to you with ease.

I am a powerful Master Manifestor and you are too.  Let me show you how.

I have allowed over 75+ Personal Empowerment classes to flow through me through Chester Night School and InnerStrength University in which I have the joy of co-founding.

You can come to me with any question and the answer will be revealed.  Nothing is ever kept from you.  I do not give you the answers directly most of the time but I help you discover them within yourself.   My ultimate endgame for all my clients/students is not to need my guidance any further for they have learned to tap into their own with no fear or doubt.

As you begin to discover your truth and true potential by shedding your old story, a more expansive consciousness comes into your awareness and a feeling of being whole ensues. The Mind-Body-Spirit training and material I provide will bring greater awareness, understanding, and harmony into your life. By discovering your own awareness, you will transform into a more confident, stronger person (mentally, physically, spiritually) and when you are empowered you will be able to empower others. My goal is to help you begin to uncover an understanding from within a spark of who you really are and the infinity of your being.”

I was born knowing (as were you) but this awareness became known to me at the age of 3 (earliest personal recollection) when I began to speak with Angels and Spirit Guides.    At that time, I thought this was the norm for everyone.  I could slip easily in and out of this physical reality into what I called the "void or nothingness and alternate timelines and realities" with ease.  I tapped into enlightened awareness soaking up every juicy bit I could.

I innately part of my journey was to disconnect from this bliss for a while, so during my teenage and early adult years, I allowed my Ego to rule my life.  I experienced the wildest roller coaster ride of my life.  I am so forever grateful for this contrast.   It is because these 2 extremes I have the enlightened presence, knowledge and experience to guide others to uncover this truth and peace within.

In, 2007, I was re-emerged into the Higher Levels of Consciousness and once again can move between realms at ease.  I am here to share all that I have experienced, so you too may know the Unconditional Love and Infinite Bliss that you are right now.  I try not to make it sound too "out there" but there are no words for what it is I am speaking of!   I want to take you back to your Source and it really is easier than you think.

I normally do not define myself with labels because we are undefinable.  I call words "a poor attempt to cage infinity."  Words are mere labels that do not even begin to tap into the essence of who and what you and I really are. I realize I am in this physical reality and this is how at least initially people will be able to connect with me and begin are co-creation together.

With Unconditional Love,


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Subscribe to my EMPOWER U DAILY newsletter  HERE!


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