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Denise Povernick

The Keeper of the NOW

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Denise B. Povernick is a well-known, highly sought after kickass, no excuses, high intensity Intutitive Empowerment Coach, Usui 9th Degree Reiki Grand Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master, Certified Master Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist.  Denise holds a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University and graduated Magna Cum laude with Distinction in her major.  Denise spent many years as an Investigator and Interrogator that and led her to become an expert in understanding the Sub-Conscious Mind.  Denise connected to her Life Purpose by following her passion:  to help others make better choices in all areas of their lives MIND – BODY – SPIRIT. This attitude helped Denise shed 80+ pounds in 2009 in 7 months through her own journey to personal empowerment

Denise has guided thousands of people to connect to their inner strength and inner wisdom.  She helps people shift from feeling stuck, overwhelmed to enjoying life by being aligned with their life purpose through inspired, empowered actions.
In addition to being a mom of 5 amazing children, she has spent the past 25+ years living her passion helping others combine Mind-Body-Spirit to lead a life of healthy & happy fulfilling lives.

Denise believes that transformation and empowerment occurs when all 3 aspects of your Personal Trinity (Mind - Body - Spirit) are treated and strengthened holistically.

If you are feeling stuck and challenged by your mindset, emotional and wellness goals or if you are struggling to figure out your life purpose and are ready to find a deep sense of meaning in your life – she helps you recognize and tap into the Infinity within you to live a more peaceful/heart centered life full of empowering experiences.

"When you are tired of your own BS & huge changes are needed, I am the no-nonsense, intense, results-driven mentor that won't let you hide from yourself or accept any limitations, because you have none! When you work with me & life gets amazing!" ~ Denise

Denise just published her 1st Digital Empowerment Card Deck with Daily Meditations: Heart…

Awards and Affiliations

Keeper of the NOW

9th Degree Usui Reiki Master

Karuna Reiki Master

Certified Master Personal Trainer

Certified Sports Nutritionist

WU Influencer

One Ripple Team Member



Causes and Organizations

Holistic Natural Childbirth

Holistic Healing

Downingtown Spiritual Meetup, Organizer

InnerStrength Empowerment Meetup, Organizer


Denise Povernick

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