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In June 2014, Deborah founded Heart in the Lotus, an integrative healing and consulting practice located in San Jose, California.  As a Wellness Consultant and Intuitive, with more than 30 years of experience as a holistic nurse, her passion is helping people and organizations "Heal from the Inside Out".  Our bodies are powerful messengers.  Through signs and symptoms, aches and pain, they invite us to look deeper.  Deborah assists with taking that deeper look and also helps develop a connection to the healer within, that inner wise one, that each of us carries inside. This is the place where transformation begins.

Deborah's nursing experience encompasses a variety of patient needs and clinical settings. What presented itself time and again is that the deepest healing arrives when an integrated approach, one that acknowledges Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit, is adopted.  She empowers her clients to address their physical symptoms, and also to look more deeply into what is blocking their full well-being.  Using tools from energy and vibrational medicine, Deborah assists her clients in accessing their own deepest healing capacity.

For those who are willing to collaborate on bringing forth their own inner healing abilities, the journey can be life changing.  It inspires a return to the heart, the place of wisdom and clarity.



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