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Debbie Pokornik

Reconnecting You with your Vibrant, Powerful Self

Debbie Pokornik is a semi-retired mother, a natural health nut,  author and the chief empowerment officer for her company Empowering NRG. She helps moms reconnect with their vibrant selves, awaken to their natural resourcefulness and tune into their personal power.
Debbie is the award winning author of Break Free of Parenting Pressures and Standing in Your Power as well as the creator of the much acclaimed Family Booster Shots.  Her mission in life is to bring out the best in people in a way that feels authentic and allows them to live life to its full potential. She believes we all come equipped with everything we need to help us thrive on our journey - we just need to remember. This doesn't mean the adventure will be easy, but it does mean that you are perfect for the role of being you. Debbie lives in Manitoba, Canada where she can spend time communing with nature on a regular basis.

Awards and Affiliations

Debbie's Family Booster Shots have won Mom's Choice, Academics' Choice and Parent Tested, Parent Approved Awards

Causes and Organizations

Debbie is a proud member of Evolutionary Business Institute, Women in Networking, Women Speaker's Association and International Women Leaders Association.

Debbie Pokornik

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