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The Soul Whisperer

Strengthening your Inner Knowing

Hi, my name is Dean, I am known as The Soul Whisperer. My passion in life is empowering women to live a life of purpose. As an Intuitive coach my focus is to take you into the shadows to face the fears that you are trying to avoid the most, as I  believe your fears have so much to teach you about you. Through my Inner Journey Coaching program we delve deep into your sub-conscious mind to change the patterns that are holding you back, while getting you to focus on what it is that you want from this journey that we call life. I work with one simple philosophy; Your problem is not your problem, your attitude about your problem is your problem!
I have been working in the Health & Wellness industry for over 20 years and I'm the Founder and CEO of Energy Fusion ( Energy Fusion is an interactive online platform that is designed to subjectively assess your physical and mental health. We then support you by strategically empowering you to take charge of your health so that you can get measurable results within 1-3 months. Everything we do at Energy Fusion is based on over 30 years of experience and backed by Science and Clinical Research

Causes and Organizations

I am a member of the Evolutionary Business Council. A collaboration of high-level influencers and thought-leaders who are out to cause change in the world.

The Soul Whisperer

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