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Daya Jaggers

Self-Fulfillment BE IT*LIVE IT!
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Self fulfillment is the realization of your deepest capacities and desires.

 Assertiveness Coach, Speaker, Intuitive and Empath.  I specialize in working with women who feel success everywhere but in their personal lives.  I help them find personal self-fulfillment.  Combining practical coaching tools together with plant based remedies and energy work, the old fear based patterning of insecurity, lack and depression driven habits shift out, creating the opening for inner transformation of holding higher levels of vibrational frequency, as mind, body and energy fields synchronize.  Easing you into your true original Divine Goddess Nature. Embody NEW positive patterns and form habits of empowered purpose to access your personal fulfillment! 

Reaching my sixties I now clearly see how my coaching expertise developed from my "outside the box" life.  My life's experiences combined with many learned skills in alternative modalities are my powerhouse of knowledge and tools to support and center you in fulfillment.  From seventeen on I was on my own, I traveled, modeled, dropped out of society and became a part of the 80's punk scene, lived in N.Y.C., L.A. and S.F..  Married and divorced twice, I raised my two children as an single parent.  During that time my perspectives and ways of living began changing drastically.  Going through the difficult experiences of illness and of being a single parent, I sought out and developed a broad range of skills in alternate modalities, and also became deeply connected with spirituality along the way.

Skills and Certifications Include - Homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage therapy, reflexology, reiki, metaphysical spirituality, EMF Balancing/EFT.  In-depth Studies: Early childhood development and education through Anthroposophy, Jungian psychology, Feng Shui, yoga and yogic philosophy.   I'm always gaining new insights into my gifts and abilities as a coach, empath, teacher and mentor.  It's taken years to reach the level and depth of coaching I'm able to provide and it is such a gift.  My soul wish for you is to be guided and supported in all-ways seeking positive opportunities that bring freedom and in having self-fulfillment be your path through life!    


Causes and Organizations

My 2019 Cause:  Building another platform with self-fulfillment at its core for the young upcoming super stars!  I'll be reaching out to the young women of high school age, bringing them empowerment, assertiveness and how-to's for living a life of fulfillment.


Daya Jaggers

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