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Reaching my sixties I can now clearly see that my coaching expertise has developed from my "outside the box" life.  My life's experiences combined with learned skill sets of alternative modalities is powerhouse of knowledge and tools  for finding true self-fulfillment.

From seventeen on I was on my own, I traveled, modeled, dropped out of society and became a part of the 80's punk scene, lived in N.Y.C., L.A. and S.F..  Twice married and divorced, I raised my two children as an single parent, during that time my perspectives began changing drastically.  Going through the difficult experiences of being a single parent, I sought out, learned and developed skills in alternate modalities, and became deeply interested in spirituality.  My areas of study include: Homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, reiki, metaphysical spirituality and EMF Balancing.  Other in-depth studies: Early childhood development and education, Anthroposophy, Jungian psychology, feng shui, yoga and yoga philosophy.  Over the last seven years I've been strengthening my artistic side again, both in acting and as an artist.  Alongside I'm gaining great new insights of my gifts and abilities as a coach, teacher and mentor.  It's taken years to reach the level and depth of coaching I'm able to provide, It is my gift to the world and I seriously hope you take full advantage of my services!

My intention is to guide you to firmly grasp hold of what is already you; a unique complete individual of authenticity and power.  And to support you in always choosing the goal of self-fulfillment as your way through life!



Causes and Organizations

My 2019 Cause Is, building another platform with self-fulfillment at its core for the young upcoming super stars!  I'll be reaching out to the young women of high school age, bringing in empowerment, assertiveness and how-to's of living a life of fulfillment.  "Live Fulfillment it's your life!"

Daya Jaggers

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