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David Russell

A Child Unheard in Everyone to be Free.

David Russell is a deep thinking and creative poet, a word-smith who has made an impact upon many people's lives throughout the world causing their lives to be enriched by the time spent listening to his words and poems of insight. Many of us can recall people who have made a positive impact upon our lives whether through a business or social meeting, such people are rare and therefore should be treasured.


Born at home in Walton On Thames, just on the outskirts of London on the 6th January 1952 David had a troubled early life. At only six weeks old he was rushed into hospital where he had a traumatic but life saving operation. This operation is unique as it requires the patient to be strapped down and awake in the crucifix position and then the chest cut open all of which was, because of he was only 6 weeks old done without any anaesthetic. It is safe to say that the path of David's life changed there and then. His detachment and out of body feelings have led him on a journey to search for the meaning to inner happiness and fulfilment. 


David's writings, his poetry and prose have brought him and many millions around the globe comfort and peace of mind. He has through his words of wisdom reached out to those in pain, helping them to understand the child within, to listen to themselves because as we all know the only way to truly find peace is understand ourselves first before we try and understand others.

David has been married, has three wonderful children Ben, Lauren and Kristian. Built successful businesses and then walked away from it all because it did not fulfil him emotionally or spiritually.


But then David decided to start writing in 1998 and through that process has managed to journey towards happiness, he may not be there yet but he is on his way and what's more important he knows how to get there. Like everyone David is a "Work In Progress" but his biggest achievements lie in his…

David Russell

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