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David Quenneville

Business in a Box! Get Found Faster, manage and grow your client base

In our experience, finding credible services from professionals that fit needs was a frustrating and time-consuming exercise, with no central place to search, select, and connect. There had to be an easier way.

We all know where to go to find recommendations and ratings for restaurants and travel accommodations, why couldn’t we have this for fitness, health and wellness professionals?

In early 2014, after fourteen months of research and development, we founded Fitness Health Match Inc., a central website focused on customer engagement and showcasing professional profiles.

We felt it would be important to be easy to use, and as robust as the current social media platforms. We also required the website to be open, accessible, free, and ultimately optimize your brand. The result of our efforts was

FHMatch - Fitness Health Match, a social networking platform focused on connecting professionals specializing in fitness, health and wellness with consumers looking for their services in the area.

It's a complete business management platform for professionals; marketing, SEO, brand optimization and client management. This allows professionals to reduce costs and spend more time providing excellent customer service, there by reducing the high attrition rates in the industry.

We are evolving word of mouth; revolutionizing the way consumers access and connect with professionals, globally. By providing a platform for professionals to be found, collect reviews, schedule their clients, send invoices and collect payment. While providing consumers with free access to professionals.

There has never been a better time to evolve the old school way of connecting.

David Quenneville

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