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David Kam

Live to Love, Love to Live

David is the inventor of the Earth Dollar.

The Earth Dollar is a Natural Capital Asset Backed Open-Source Global Commons Method of Exchange

Designed To:Empower CollaborationRespond to Climate ChangeHeal Our Planet Create Prosperity Revitalize the World Economies andDesigned to Provide a Universal Basic Income Worldwide

David is also an Ambassador for the Indigenous Peoples United Nations (IPUN), with an Observer seat at the UN General Assembly as an NGO.

David is also the founder of Mother Earth Trust (Wildlife Sanctuaries), which works with organizations and government to create World Heritage Sanctuaries to protect the animals, the forests, and the ocean for a better future generations.

Davd is also the visionary and creator of a new sovereign micro-nation, call Imagine Nation.

David is currently putting his talents to creating a more sustainable and a more peaceful world. David runs one of the largest green groups on the Internet, called LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) with 13,000 green businesses as members.

David is also an artist who is the founder of the Thinkism Art Movement (year 2001), the first fine art movement of the 21st century - described as the socially conscious art movement.

In 1990, David and his friends pioneered the energy drink category, being the the first in the world to add ginseng to formulate their Energy Drinks, after noticing people lining up to buy ginseng root in Chinatown. They negotiated a 5 year franchising-licensing agreement with Grey Beverages, the largest independent bottler in Canada (now owned by Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group) to test market a E=MC² Energy Drink, for North Pole Beverages Co., in Western Canada (population 2 million people).

David Kam

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