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Dave Whitmore

Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth!

In my mid 20's I went from skinny to overweight.  My weight crept up over the years, until by the time I turned 40 I was at my heaviest.  In August of that year I was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic and immediately put on the oral drug, Metformin.  For several years I battled my disease until December 2014 when, after a checkup, my doctor wanted to put me on a 2nd drug.  This drug is associated with causing liver problems.

Enough was enough.

I got serious about my health.  Over the next year I lost 50 lbs and started running. I have lost almost 70 lbs in total since my heaviest.  In April 2015 I was taken off Metformin and now I'm totally drug free.

My wife and I started our business, 4 Paths To Wellness, with a view to coaching people about weightloss and healthy living with a special view to mindset.  It's very hard to achieve anything without 100% commitment to it.  We offer one to one and group coaching sessions.  I'm especially interested in helping fellow type 2 diabetics turn their illness around. It can be done with the right attitude and determination.  My success has inspired my wife to her own weightloss journey.  She has battled being overweight most of her life and she's especially looking to help women over 40 who are facing similar issues.  But we are open to work with anyone who needs us.

I'm working on my first book, The Weightloss Mindset.

You can reach us here or visit our website  I share my story there.

For more information about our Wellness/Mindset coaching services:

Awards and Affiliations

Certified Health Coach

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Personal Trainer

Causes and Organizations

Volunteer at St. Peter's Church's Thrift Shop in Freehold, NJ.

Partnered with the Entrepreneur Think Tank For Women's Foundation - (Non Profit Organization) (Central NJ)

Partnered with the Victory For The Voiceless Animal Rescue Group - (Non Profit Organization) (Staten Island, NY)

Dave Whitmore

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