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Daniel has a knack for finding solutions to problems. He loves looking for answers that are not obvious; not settling for the expedient solution, but asking the right questions to find the correct answer to a problem or issue. As a marketing professional, he was regularly called upon by his clients to help them find the right solution to their advertising needs.


One of his early mentors said of him, "Dan naturally sees systems. He understands how one thing flows to the next; how every step is related to the outcome."


Daniel brings more than 25 years of professional problem solving to his hypnotherapy practice. The tools that he used to help his clients succeed are the same tools that he uses to create winning solutions for his clients. His practice is client-centered, meaning that he is committed to finding the right solution for YOU.


Daniel's mission is to create unique solutions for each and every one of his clients. He has a gift for helping clients to envision their goals and help them to make these goals real. Visit his testimonials page to learn how he has helped others.


As a hypnotherapist, Daniel has successfully worked with clients from around the world to create lasting, positive life-changes. His unique approach to understanding his clients' issues helps them to uncover the knowledge they need to bring profound change to their lives. Through hypnotherapy, Dan then provides them with the tools to build this life.


An avid scuba diver, Daniel is also a PADI Staff Instructor. He has helped many tentative students learn to breathe underwater by gently coaching them past their fears so that they can experience an entirely new world in the sea. He brings this teaching experience to his practice. You could say, that in a different way, he teaches those who feel they are drowning in life to breathe underwater.


Over the past year, Daniel has been invited to speak at Life Mastery conferences around the United States to present his perspective on mindset and how individuals can create their perfect…

Daniel Olexa

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