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Danielle Soucy Mills

Author of Inspirational Fiction for children and adults

Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be an author and a gymnastics coach. From a very young age I also possessed an inner yearning to understand my "destiny" and why it was I had come here to earth... I always had a strong intution, and knew deep within the importance of persistantly following my passions.

Today, I am exactly where I imagined myself to be and beyond...As an author, I love to incorporate my favorite things into fictional stories which inspire, encourage, and delve into our divine purpose for being.

For children, my picture book Tina Tumbles--a story about a young girl learning to land on her feet in a cartwheel--encourages kids to face their fears and to never give up.

For adults, my novel Illusion of an Ending intertwines 3 peoples' life stories to show how we are eternally connected beyond our physical existence.

On the other hand, I work part-time as a gymnastics coach helping kids to grow strong, to learn body-awareness, and to apply positive thinking both in and out of the gym. I am a wife, and soon-to-be mother. My heart will forever belong to San Diego, basking in the sunshine and enjoying the beauty of nature.

I deeply enjoy meeting like-minded individuals, finding connections that constantly remind me we are exactly where we are meant to be.

With love,


Live the dream in your heart and never look back...♥

Danielle Soucy Mills

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