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    Dana Zincir posted an update
    Receive online payments from customers? Don't forget to account for your fees as an expense! Not only does it allow you to track the overall costs, but helps keep your tax expense down. (Want to get set-up for online invoicing and payments? Drop us a line - we can help with that!) Merchant-Fees-Tip
    Dana Zincir posted an update
    Ever notice how when you get a new car, you suddenly see a ton of them on the road? That is how focus works. When you focus on something you want (or that new car you just got and are excited about) you start to see it, feel it and experience it everywhere. Focus your efforts on clarity and customer experience and growth and prosperity will naturally follow. #GrowthMindset #SmallBusiness Tip-2-2
    Dana Zincir posted an update
    Not sure if something is working for your business? Don't be afraid to change it up! Change does not equal failure and is not something to avoid. The best things can come from trying something new! Tips-for-Growth

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