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Cristiana Durante

Recognize your purpose and build a new life with the Dream Builder

I come from a Liberal Arts Studies background (Sapienza’s University of Rome) and in the 80s I worked as a television and radio programs editor.
In the early 90s I started studing Craniosacral work and Emotional Release with Dr. Upledger in the States in order to unveil the truth behind some personal problems .
For more than 20 years I practiced as a CranioSacral therapist in the U.S.A and in Italy always keeping my main interests focused on how
the brain functions. 

I became a certified DreamBuilder coach at Mary Morrisay's Life Mastery Insititute in Los Angeles in 2012, thus integrating my previous experiences as a therapist. This has been an incredibly rewarding and life-changing experience. Today I’m the only certified mental coach applying the DreamBuilder system in Italy.


Causes and Organizations

I belong to a non profit org. in Rome:Donne al centro to help women ( and men as well)

against violence.


Cristiana Durante

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