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Colleen Sidun

Spiritual growth

Hi everyone! I am Colleen, the soul behind Living On The Inside. I thought it was about time I introduce myself to you after almost 3 years of sharing my little corner of the world with you. Living on the inside was born out of a need to let me out!. I grew up in a generation that expected me to be seen and not heard and as a result most of my life I have been an observer. As an observer I became an expert on other people. It became somewhat survival for me to read and anticipate the energy of people around me. It honestly never occurred to me that I never gave this consideration to myself. I had no idea who I was. I have journal-ed , wrote poetry and music for years but for the most part kept it to myself. Holding myself in for so many years led me to anxiety and depression.So, I began reading, everything I could get my hands on in search for some tools to help me deal with my life. About 7 years ago I ran into some health issues and was forced to apply some of my new found knowledge. Through Shamanism and visualization I experienced a " Divine healing" . This changed my life, it became my faith and I knew from that moment on that I was here for a reason. I use shamanism, visualization, writing, Chakra cleansing and meditation as regular practices in my life for grounding. I have worked continuously on self-awareness by recognizing my negative thoughts and changing them one by one with empowering ones and I am seeing positive changes in my life. One of the most important things that I have learned is that regardless of the fear and judgment I have to let "me" out. Holding in who we are and how we feel causes us disease and suffering. When you let "you" out you find purpose. When I started ~Living On The Inside~ I started letting "me" out! I started observing me. It has been a spiritual journey that has…

Colleen Sidun

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