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Coleen Maulfair

Complementary, Functional, Alternative Medical Care that Works!

I have been supporting my husband in his medical practice for over 24 years.  He searched for and found alternatives to drugs & surgery years ago after observing people continued with chronic health problems in spite of prescriptions and surgeries;  he has helped people of all ages and conditions with searching diagnostics and therapeutic modalities in a new paradigm of medical care.  That's where I come in, we offer the Hubbard protocol sauna detoxification program as his clinical and research experience made it clear that health problems develop when toxins are interfering with the normal function of the body or nutritional requirements are not met.  Together our lives are enriched by our clients and their desire to turn their health problems into solutions and restoration of vitality.  Every day in the delivery of this program amazing manifestations of toxic exposures and old injuries come into view and then leave with noticeable physical and mental improvement.  Continuing with the other modalities we offer insures healthy medical choices as our patients enjoy growing older.  We are bringing these vital treatments to our Veterans whom we owe a big debt of gratitude and, at the minimum, a healthy future.

Coleen Maulfair

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