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Cindy Kirchhoff

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You know how it's said the Universe whispers in your ear, then tries to get your attention with a tiny stick, and THEN you get hit with the 2×4? That was me with my health. Before I figured out what to do, before I figured out how to do it, and before I reclaimed my own power to become well, I was sick … and getting sicker. Doctors didn’t seem to know what to do with me. Sure, they were trying, but I still was slipping downhill.

Two defining moments finally came when I was so sick that some of my time was spent propped up in a corner. Because it was too painful to even lie down. The first was the suggestion for me to try Mayo Clinic. I remember that moment well. Oh no, I was that ill of a person. I could see my future in a heartbeat — money and time long gone. The life I thought I would enjoy — gone. Second was watching the blue sky with fluffy, white clouds drifting by as I was too ill to do anything but watch them out my  window. Along with Mayo, was this going to be me — watching life pass me by? Oh, hell, no.

I went from victim to fighter. I started putting piece after piece together to reclaim my wellness. I found great resources. I researched and read myself silly. I studied holistic health on my own. I figured out what worked and what didn’t. What mattered and what didn’t.

The woman who might have become a Mayo patient — she is so gone. The woman watching life pass  her by — gone. I know what to do, how to do it, and I do it. This is life dialed into happiness alongside health.

Now, my passion is helping others do the same. We’ve lost our connection to the guidance system that helps show us the way. Put that back plus the areas that matter — ones you might not even realize — and you’ve created your way to live joyfully well.

Cindy Kirchhoff

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