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Christine Sindel

Helping women to get unstuck and find their spark again

Helping women find their spark again!

Are you tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed or burnout? 

It’s time to live life on your terms; know that you’re enough, reclaim your sense of direction, and be the woman you aspire to be.

I believe in challenging our thinking, finding what lights us up and creating our own positive change. My dream is to create a playground for women to reconnect and get back to the foundations of their core, and to empower them to find their own adventure, language and light.

After experiencing burnout and adrenal fatigue in 2014, I was inspired to create a business that educates and empowers women to journey within to re-centre, rediscover who they truly are, and realign with what they want, so they can get unstuck and feel more balanced, connected, confident and alive.

I wanted to find a way to remove the stigma and shame attached to stress and overwhelm, to help other women to connect and talk about their experiences and remove the judgement that we place on ourselves and on other women. So I’m opening my heart to others with the hope of breaking the silence.

As a certified wellbeing coach, I use an integrative approach blending together a combination of wellbeing principles, transformative coaching skills, and real life experience to help you get clarity and guide you to your own answers. I enjoy holding space and offering new perspectives, creating a sense of harmony within. I value adventure, connection, freedom, authenticity, growth, contribution, creativity and harmony. Calm is my secret super power, music makes my heart sing, and I’ll always find a way to feed my curious soul.

My aim is to help others pause, find what they value, tap into their own inner calm, and ignite their spark. My desire is that women find a way to embrace their core light and feel empowered to live a life with intention, purpose and fun!

Most people think they have to do it alone, but we simply do things better together!

Christine Sindel

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