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Christine Morgan

Remembering our Worth, Tapping into Wisdom

Hello lovelies! I’m Christine, and I'm a Certified Professional Coach, and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I have a Master’s Degree in Collaborative Educational Leadership, an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and I'm currently in working on a second Master's Degree in Counseling in order to add Licensed Therapist to my toolkit.
The real me is wonderfully flawed, sometimes bossy (especially in my kitchen), a survivor of abuse and dysfunction, often much too serious and eagerly intense – but I love to laugh, and I make a point to do so every single day.  I’m incredibly grateful for all that the Creator gives, and for the learning I receive through any and all experiences in my life.
And at my heart, I’m a teacher of all sorts – facilitating learning, growing and healing - whether it be personal growth or business growth. I teach courses, design professional development seminars, and lead personal development workshops, and they all bring me to life.
I can help you reconnect with and build confidence to overcome trauma and grief and become the TRUE YOU who knows her worth.
I also offer Strategic Technical Coaching to assist with buildng a website, creating webinars and courses, writing effective copy, and managing social media.
Through it all, my focus in work and education has always been on building people up, helping people cope and communicate, and appreciating the diversity we each bring to the table of thought.
I look forward to learning about you!

Awards and Affiliations

Member of the International Coaching Federation and American Counseling Association

Causes and Organizations

Trained advocate for Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault victims

Christine Morgan

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