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Christine Callahan-Oke

Empowering lightworkers to shine brightly

“Forget about appearances and how you "should" look and act. Dance in the rain. Jump in puddles. Jump on the bed. Act ridiculous and giggle helplessly. It’s YOUR life, embrace it!” ~ Christine Callahan-Oke

About me

I’m a personal empowerment coach, mom and inspirational writer from Canada.

I’ve always been a positive thinker and am passionate about helping people. I encourage people to recognize their potential, see the beauty in everyday moments, embrace life and be authentic.

I spread joy where I can and believe each of us can make the world a better place through the simplest of actions – a smile, a helping hand, a hug.

Although I’ve always been positive, I haven’t always been joyful. In fact I felt lost for about two decades. (More about that here). But after learning lots of life lessons firsthand, I now follow my inner wisdom and stay open to the magic of life. And there’s so much magic.

I thrive on everyday adventures and discoveries, wonderful relationships, seeing the world through the eyes of my kids, the beauty of nature, travel, a sense of purpose, and experiences that move me right to my soul.

I have an amazing husband, Chris. We’ve been together more than half our lives. We have two wonderful, very active young boys. They brighten my every day – and tire me out too. *sigh* Such is the balance of parenting.

I explore life in my blog over at Your Inspired Life. I write about the adventures and misadventures of the everyday, looking for the silver lining along the way. And that silver lining is always there, even on the toughest of days – sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to find it.

Life is chaotic, but I am so fortunate and grateful – for the chaos, love, beauty, silliness (so important!) and guacamole. Can’t forget the guacamole.

Christine Callahan-Oke

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