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Christine Agro

Creator of the Ground-Breaking Awaken & Grow Flow App

I'm Christine Agro, a Spiritual Teacher, and Clairvoyant and I had this wild idea to create an app and put all my transformational work into it, so I did. You can find the Awaken & Grow Flow app in both app stores. It is full of ways to help you stay Spiritually Connected and go deeper. Come join me there!

Christine is a Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant and she is the creator of the Awaken & Grow Flow app. A Ground-breaking app that offers freemium and easily affordable all-access premium content to keep you aligned, spiritually connected and to help you go deeper.

Christine has been gathering her own universal information about why we are here, how we learn, and what we need to know, for close to her entire life. An 'old soul' her ability to see and understand our human journey has helped thousands to step into awareness.

Christine is a real-world bridge from the unconscious to the conscious and she has gathered countless energetic tools to help you step into empowered awareness.

She is the #1 International Best Selling author of 'Awaken and Grow: A Practical Guide for Your Spiritual Journey' and is a Conscious Living Media expert having appeared on/seen in Good Morning Connecticut, Good Day Chicago, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The New York Times, Elite Daily, Ladders, Gaia and she is a meditation expert and content provider for the Simple Habit App.

Get her app Awaken & Grow Flow in both app stores or by going to

Christine Agro

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