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Christina Fletcher

Healer, Intuitive Coach, and mindset shifter for spiritual (but busy) parents.

Within you is a spark of life unique to only You.

But in the "To-Do" list chaos of life and parenting, our heads take over where our hearts should lead.
We can feel overwhelmed, drained, tired, and stressed to the max far too easily.

As a homeschooling mom of 3 I know what scattered feels like.
I started my journey coming from a background in religious studies, spirituality, and self help... resulting in meeting my soulmate using the law of attraction. (I just didn't know the name back then).
But when we suddenly had 2 baby girls 10 months apart, we found ourselves living at my parents house and stressed.
I lost the compass of my heart and the guidance of my spirit.
It took me wanting to pass on spirituality to my little girls to find it again within myself.
And when I did, my parenting went from a place of "shoulds" and "control." to a place of...


And now that's what I help parents find too.
I work with energy healing to help you clear away the energy of "shoulds" and the weight of what holds you back.
I then help you put new mindset patterns and beliefs in place, so you can shift your neural pathways and create the life you dream of.

I'm passionate about helping parents connect to themselves authentically.  Because when your kids know you as Who You Really Are, they develop the tools for knowing who they are, themselves... which makes a better world for all of us.
And if learning by example isn't enough, I also have developed courses and tools for you to offer your children as well, so that they can know how to find their own spark, whenever their own chaos comes into the day.
Love and light!

Christina Fletcher

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