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Christine Powers

The greatest gift you can give the world is to be who you truly are.

Christine activates the divine spark within us and opens hearts through her powerful voice - singing, writing, speaking, and energy healing. She empowers us to uncover and remember who we truly are and create an authentic, joy-filled, fulfilling life. Additional domains range from sound and energy healing to forgiveness, relationships, and selfless service. She is a Reiki Master, ordained minister, metaphysical mountain climber, and mother of three.

Many in our world are hungry for “more”  -- more peace, more prosperity, more purpose, more meaning -- more of something we cannot identify. We seek to find these things through activity, acquisition, and achievement but end up with  constant strife and stress. The truth is everything we need lies deep within ourselves, ready to be uncovered and remembered. This is our life’s journey with ultimate power and fulfillment coming to us when we live fully who we truly are in service to others.

Christine serves those on the journey of self-discovery, especially the creative, sensitive souls who have exquisite and magnificent opportunities to express their unique soul signature in spectacular, one-of-a-kind ways.

- eclectic and beautiful concert experiences
- spiritual exploration journeys and mentoring
- online and in-person workshops and education
- thematic retreats and immersion programs

The greatest blessing you can give the world is the self-permission to be who you truly are.

Awards and Affiliations

Capital District Business Review "40 Under 40"

Causes and Organizations

Evolutionary Business Council Member

American Red Cross

Christine Powers

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