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Chris Hampton

Releasing The CHAMP I AM

Christopher Hampton has over 20 years of sales/service, community service and leadership experience. He is the founder of The CHAMP I AM ORGANIZATION. Chris enjoys challenging and motivating entrepreneurs, sales and service teams as well as youth organizations to break out of their comfort zones. Empowering and equipping them to release their inner Champ.

Chris has been called a motivational teacher. He has been sought after for his ability to present life changing messages in an inspirational, entertaining, empowering, and educational style.

 Chris has conducted sales, financial, leadership training and workshops.

Chris challenges his audience with a message to live their lives on purpose, pursue their passions and to live their lives by vision and not by sight.  Everyone has an inner Champ. Chris is committed to help you release the Champ-I-Am in you.


Chris Hampton

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