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Chris Collins

Timing is Everything and Everything is in Perfect Timing

Hello and welcome to my world! I am a Revivor: one who has emerged from the abyss of a terminal or frightening diagnosis, using research, experimentation and sheer will, to stay alive and well. I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in 2010 and given 6 months to live if I did not do chemo. I turned away from that prognosis, and now it's 9 years later. I am not the only one. There are many of us Revivors that continue on despite what the experts say. You can find them in your families and your friends, but they likely won't talk about it, because they've gone back to work. No one has statistics on those who revive themselves from a terminal or chronic prognosis. But we are here.

I teach meditation for intent. Meaning, we use meditation to expand toward our intentions of healing and love. You can find my books and cards on my website, and soon podcast on iTunes. I look forward to your questions and thoughts!

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Beyond Terminal Book

Ninety-Nine Nifty Notes from the Nine Lives Experts Book

Whatever you're going through, you are not alone. Begin by trusting your Higher Power and yourself to find solutions only made for you as you decide to open each door to healing. There are always options, and they might seem wonky, or they might seem difficult, but as you search for your healing doors, they will appear before you and be made just for you. Trust you and your decisions first. Know that absolutely and definitively, there is nothing else but Love, and I send my love to you right now in this moment.

Chris Collins

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