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Chinmayi Dore

Author of BodyMAGIC!, traditional yoga/meditation teacher, shamanic healer

I wrote an award-winning and best-selling book - BodyMAGIC! -a Blissful End to Emotional Eating. It proves that diets don't and can't work for the emotional or binge eater but what does - for 100s of women.

Through the book, online courses and coaching, I show people the way to find their own Body Magic through learning more deeply about the beautiful soul that they are and increasing their self-worth through traditional and time-honoured practices such as yoga, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique. All of these have helped me to find peace and friendship with food, increase my confidence, overcome addiction and live the life that I thought would never be possible.

Awards and Affiliations

Bestseller in Body Image and Eating Disorders categories on Amazon.

Highly Commended for my book by Janey Loves 2017

Chinmayi Dore

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