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Chef Akemi Parker, “The Queen of Green”, shares potent foods & green eating techniques that beat cancer & disease in new book, SUPERFOODS! Powerful Foods that Beat Cancer & Chronic Illness.


An Executive Chef with over 20 years of experience, Chef Akemi is also a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant, Certified ServSafe Food Safety & Sanitation Instructor, a HACCP plan writer and consultant, Adjunct Faculty at 3 Community Colleges in Maryland, a Voice Actor and Guest Speaker.


Akemi has always been attracted to clean, healthy food. But it was two car accidents that happened less than 30 days apart that changed her life forever and put her on the path to green living and food activism. At the time, she was working from home in the Human Resources industry earning a great salary and could not have been happier.


One day, while out for lunch she was struck from the side by a teenager driving an SUV.  She suffered a few injuries including a concussion from being hit by her car’s airbag. Her doctor recommended therapy.


On the way home from a therapy appointment, she was involved in a 2nd car accident, a head on collision when someone lost control of their car. Her injuries in the second accident were more severe and included a sprained neck.


It took nine long months to recover. She was let go from her job simply because they couldn’t hold the position for any longer. During those nine months, she had a long time to think about many things.

How was she going to get better fast? How would she keep providing for her family? When she did recover, what did she want to spend her time doing?


Research into healing foods and naturopathic remedies led her to the knowledge that organic foods and increasing the amount of raw food consumed can fight nearly all illnesses whether mental, emotional and physical.


Chef Akemi has used her research into the healing properties of foods to help successfully transition her family, clients, students and communities to eating & living green.

Chef Akemi Parker

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