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I am a life coach for female entrepreneurs and the creator and founder of the Truly, Madly, Deeply coaching process. In a nutshell, this means TRULY sort you sh*t out once and for all. Fall MADLY in love with yourself, then attract and manifest the life, business, relationship you DEEPLY desire and deserve! This was created from my own personal development journey and working with clients. I always found the best results came when we dealt with and let go of past issues first, then the client is much more capable of self-love and appreciation. How can you fully love who you are if you still have limiting beliefs from the past hanging around and how can you attract and manifest the life you want if you don't think you are worthy or deserving of it? It's so easy to fall into the personal development rabbit hole and sometimes you end up more confused than when you started! I believe we never stop growing and learning and discovering but in order for someone to grow into the most incredible version of themselves lets deal with the basics first, in an order that makes sense and flows beautifully into one another. I use powerful NLP & Timeline therapy processes for stage one, everything I know about self-love, self-esteem and confidence in stage two and then practical manifesting tools for you to use daily to create a life you love!

I am a wife to Mark and a mother to Dylan 11 and William 5.

Awards and Affiliations

Certified Ultimate Life coach

Certified NLP practitioner

Certified Timeline Therapy practitioner.

Charlotte Pridmore

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