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Celina Pizarro is a Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach and a Money Mindset Mentor who is on a mission to expose the misconceptions of the healthcare industry and has dedicated her life to help women “Live Well”. Celina is certified Holistic Life, Mind - Body, Fitness and Nutrition Coach and Boot camp kickboxing instructor.  Author of the best selling book, “You GLOW Girl!” and creator of the women’s transformation programme, 90 Days to GLOW.  She is known for helping women breakthrough their internal blocks, lose weight, decrease their stress & anxiety,  while increasing their ENERGY and VITALITY; giving them the tools and FREEDOM to create the life they deserve where ultimately they GLOW from the inside, out! Signup at to receive her newsletter full of health,  wellness and fitness tips. Follow on IG, FaceBook, YouTube

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2x Nationally  Qualified NPC Figure Body Building Competitor


Celina Pizarro

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