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Catherine Whelan Costen

Universal Promoter of Light & Wisdom

Inspirational Speaker

Raw to Real is the exploration of the uniqueness of who we are without the illusions, beliefs and roles projected on to us by our world. ‘Diamonds from the rough’ are revealed when we discover the meaning we have given to events, circumstances and people in our lives, including ourselves. You deserve to know and appreciate the ‘diamond’ you are! Find the meaning and you find diamonds!

I love to share my own life experience of how one death bound me to a life that eliminated ‘me’ from the equation and another set me free to know my authentic self. Becoming our best self is the most exquisite gift we can give the world.


Online Promoter of Light & Wisdom via Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine & Go Deep or Go Home

It was through my own quest for insights that I was motivated to begin exploring with those who were seeking a better way and had found some interesting gifts and wisdom, that I started my online chat show.


It has expanded into it’s 8th Season (2015) and now I can confidently say I am truly a Universal Promoter of Incredible Liberators, Healers, Brilliant Visionaries and people committed to finding a new and glorious way to thrive on planet earth.


I’ve done the leg work and I bring out the best in my guests so they can share their message with the world, via my promotions on social media, my website and by embedding the shows on their website etc. I do my best to highlight them and let people know the person behind the product or service.


My Sacred Gifts of Clarity, Knowing and communication are the perfect match to my mission and passion.


Along with my broadcasting work, I am a published author, prolific writer and socially conscious light bearer. My interests include living in peace and harmony, lifting up those in despair and sharing my joyful discovery that there really is no death. I invite you to visit my website and explore the shows as well at

Catherine Whelan Costen

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