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Catherine Taylor

How You do Food is How You do Life!

Catherine L. Taylor is a weight loss/life coach and meditation teacher who specializes in emotional eating recovery and permanent weight loss through mindfulness and the law of attraction. She is also an artist, photographer, and author of the forthcoming book Thinnerisms. Thinnerisms was a winner in the Transformational Author's Contest.  

Catherine has conducted mind/body healing workshops for Kaiser Permanente, The Learning Exchange, spiritual centers, and community colleges.  She has been an ACE certified coach for the past 17 years. 

At 16 years old, Catherine was told to lose 10 1bs. for modeling. That was the beginning of her own emotional eating disorder. Catherine struggled with food addiction, chronic dieting, distorted body image and binge eating for 13 years until she found a way out of the insanity. She has over 25 years of recovery.

“My mission is to bring people out of the shadows of overeating and into the light of joy. Permanent weight loss is about finding a way of being in the world that supports one’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. It is the work of becoming a new self. I help women make peace with food, lose weight with joy, and blossom into the person they were always meant to be.”

— Catherine L. Taylor


Catherine Taylor

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