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Carrie Writer

Making Our Universe a Better Place Starts with You and Me.

The main reason that I quit my banking job five years ago was that I felt that I needed to do something that would provide me with fulfillment. My job at the time wasn't providing that.

I hated going to the same office every morning, only to do the same unexciting processes and procedures for eight good hours. I was eight months pregnant when finally I decided to throw in the towel and find something that I would love waking up to every morning.

I wanted to be present throughout my child's milestone developments. I wanted to be the one to do everything for him, as opposed to hiring a childminder.

I needed to do something that I loved, and that offered flexibility time-wise. That's how ladies and gentlemen, I stumbled upon researching and writing health-related and self-improvement content. Since I'm a total health freak and I love reading and writing, I  simply integrated my two passions into a career.

I started out writing for content mills, but I later decided to source for clients myself, and that's when I started my writer website:

This is where my job fulfillment lies.

Carrie Writer

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